Accellera Systems Initiative Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard (UCIS) 1.0 Announcement Quote Sheet

"Cadence's customers and partners view coverage as a key metric for verification planning and management," said Andy Eliopoulos, Cadence Vice President of Research & Development. "We applaud the Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard committee for the dedication and hard work needed to produce this UCIS 1.0 standard."

"As designs are getting more complex, verification coverage space has exploded and the desire to close on coverage metrics faster has become critical from product quality point of view. UCIS 1.0 will definitely assist in addressing this challenge via several useful API features and it is also expected to set the right platform for triggering innovations around coverage tools and methodologies. Congratulations to everyone involved! " said Amol Bhinge, SoC design verification manager, Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, Texas.

"Jasper is very excited to see the standardization effort it helped pioneer reach this significant milestone. We are confident that UCIS 1.0 will serve as an important foundation towards the unification of coverage models and reporting that will help users accelerate coverage closure and obtain superior ROI from verification tools and methodologies." said Rajeev Ranjan, CTO, Jasper Design Automation.

"Mentor applauds Accellera Systems Initiative's accomplishment to release the approved Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard (UCIS) that leveraged Mentor's UCDB donation and the years of experience Mentor gained through integrating its broad set of verification technology by way of a unified coverage database," said Dennis Brophy, director of strategic business development, Mentor Graphics. "Achieving coverage closure in modern SoC designs requires that a large number of verification tools be used in a comprehensive flow. UCIS offers an industry standard API for efficient coverage database access that allows verification teams to gather, merge and interpret coverage data."

Paradigm Works
"Paradigm Works thanks and applauds Accellera for successfully bringing the Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard to fruition. This much needed standard elevates the productivity of verification teams everywhere, and Paradigm Works looks forward to working with our clients to incorporate UCIS into their verification flow. Well done Accellera!" said Jim Crocker, Vice President Engineering, Paradigm Works, Inc.

"Springsoft believes having standardized coverage models is an essential step towards the industry having a more data-driven 'sign-off' process that includes improved metrics for functional verification coverage," said Mark Milligan, vice president of corporate marketing, SpringSoft, Inc. "We are committed to support interoperability standards, and the UCIS standard enables the sharing of important coverage data between vendors' tools."

"Coverage closure continues to be a challenge in the verification industry," said Yatin Trivedi, Director of Standards at Synopsys. "We appreciate Accellera's initiative and effort in reaching this milestone to provide coverage data access."